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How to Play Brazilian Checkers – Learning Brazilian Checkers

Brazilian checkers is one of many variations of the game of checkers. The name of the game stems from the fact that this particular version is mainly played in Brazil. It is also commonly known worldwide as International checkers played on 64 squares. There a quite a few examples of Brazilian checkers online and some web sites even offer to download free Brazilian checkers games.

Brazilian Checkers Rules

Brazilian checkers is played on an 8x8 board, which makes for a total of 64 squares. The game starts with the board set up in such a way that the double corner is towards the right of each player.

Brazilian Checkers Moves

In Brazilian checkers, each of the regular checkers piece are allowed to move towards each square in a forward left or forward right direction, as long as the destination square is empty. Any checkers piece that has managed to reach the first row of the opponent’s side and stops on it becomes a king.

Once a piece has been crowned a king, it is then allowed to move on all the squares which are on the 2 diagonal crosses from their position, just as long as there are no pieces between them and the destination square.

Brazilian Checkers Captures

Each player must make the maximum number of captures that are available to him or her in every turn. If there are options available for a 2 piece capture and a 3 piece capture, the player has to choose the 3 piece capture option.

Regular checkers pieces are allowed to capture in a forward and backward direction, by jumping over 1 one of the opponent’s checkers pieces, as long as the piece is adjacent to it, and the square on the other side is empty. If there is a subsequent capture available after arriving at the destination square, the player must proceed with the next capture.

In Brazilian checkers, the king is allowed to capture an opposing player’s checkers piece on the same diagonal line if there are empty squares between them and if the square on the other side of the piece is unoccupied.

Ending Brazilian Checkers

The player who does not have any more legal moves left, due to one or more of his or her pieces being blocked, loses the game.

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