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Chinese Checkers – Nothing to Do With the Original Checkers Game

The Chinese Checkers layout

The board used in Chinese checkers is in the shape of a star with six points. Each of the points is a triangle with four holes on each side of it, making a total of 10 holes. The inside of the board is hexagon shaped with each five holes on each side. Each triangle is assigned a different color and there six sets of ten pegs each are used.

Chinese Checkers Preparation

The game can be played by two, three, four or six people. With six people playing, all of the pegs and triangles are used. With only four people playing, the players occupy opposing triangles, and in a two player game, they play from opposing triangles. With three players in a game, each occupies one of the three triangles that are an equal distance from each other.

Chinese Checkers Objective

The goal of Chinese checkers is to be the first player to move all ten of his or her pegs into the opposite triangle.

Chinese Checkers Game Play

The game begins with the player assigned to make the first move moving a single peg, with the other players taking their turn. A peg can either be moved into an adjacent hole or it can jump over one or more other pegs. A jump can be made over any peg–even the player’s own–and can take any one of the six possible directions. After each jump, the player may opt to finish their turn or continue jumping over other pegs if such a move is possible. In some instances, players may even be able to move a peg from the starting triangle all the way to the opposite triangle in the space of a single turn.

Unlike in other variations of checkers games, pegs are not removed from the board in Chinese checkers. Players are allowed to move a peg into any hole on the board, including the holes that are in their opponent’s triangles. Once a peg has moved into the opposite triangle however, it cannot be moved out of it and is restricted to remaining in that particular triangle.

End of Chinese Checkers

The first player that manages to occupy all 10 holes of the opposite triangle is declared the winner.

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