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Frisian Draughts /Dutch Draughts – Checkers only Played in Holland

Frisian is a variation of the game of checkers that is mostly played only in Holland. The game is also known as Dutch draughts and looks a lot like International checkers, with the main difference being that both regular pieces and kings are allowed to make captures on horizontal and vertical lines.

The Frisian Draughts Rules

Frisian draughts is played on a 10x10 board, with a total of 100 squares. The board is arranged in such a way that the double corner is towards the right of each player.

Frisian Draughts Moves

In Frisian draughts, each regular piece is allowed to move towards each square on the board in a forward left and forward right direction, if that square is unoccupied. Any checkers piece that lands on the last line and stops on it becomes crowned a king.

Kings will gain the added ability to move on all of the squares that are on the 2 diagonals that cross the square that they are in, if there are no checkers pieces between them and the destination square.

Frisian Draughts Captures

Each player will have to make the maximum number of captures that are available to them in a single turn. This means that if the option to capture 2 pieces with a move is available, and there is also the option to capture 3 pieces with another move, the player must choose the option that will result in a 3 piece capture. In Frisian draughts, pieces are allowed to capture in a horizontal, vertical, or oblique direction.

Regular checkers piece are allowed to capture in a forward and backward direction either diagonally, vertically or horizontally by jumping over one of their opponent’s checkers piece, if that piece is near it and the square on the other side of it is empty. If there are more options to capture available from that position, the player must continue with all the captures.

Kings are allowed to capture a piece if it is on the same diagonal or horizontal or vertical line that it is in, if there are only empty squares between them and if the square on the other side of that piece is empty. Kings can also stop on any square on the same line, but if there is a capture available from that position, the player must continue with the capture.

The winner of the game is the player who can keep his opponent from making any more legal moves.

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